About Us

Let us introduce you to Chef Adam Cude, the man behind our flavours here at The Soulful Spoon. I am his wife Emily,

and you will find me serving it up at our takeout location, answering your emails and doing just about everything else besides cooking the soup! Adam's love of creating delicious classics, as well as experimenting with new and interesting creations is what inspired us to begin this journey. As the chef at Brickhouse Brewpub and now Sous Chef at Kalos at The Oxford Hills, he has seen the enthusiasm this community has for fresh, high quality food. As he has built his career over the last 15 years we have dreamed of opening our own place, but during these uncertain times it was not feasible to fully open our own café. However, we still wanted to offer an option for healthy, locally made food that you can stock your freezer with, without compromising on taste. We hope you will come give us a try at our pickup location at Dwell147 Thames st. South Ingersoll, or Upper Thames Brewing Company 225 Bysham Park Dr. Woodstock and watch out for updates on our 3 Light st Woodstock location opening soon.

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